Our Philosophy of Giving

Group of Volunteers

‘Wisdom Teeth Only’ places a strong emphasis on selfless service to God, to country and to others. We believe that, in giving something back to society, both the recipient and the participant are blessed. ‘Wisdom Teeth Only’ is happy to support those who show their devotion and commitment via such actions and efforts.

As a side-note, Dr. Bluth, ‘Wisdom Teeth Only’ founder, served as missionary and as Mission President in Mexico (some 50 and 25 years ago, respectively) (plus three Church-service – or part-time – missions for his church.

In his specialty, he has given free oral surgery service to the poor in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua one week each month for the past 40 years. He founded one free dental clinic in Salt Lake City, operating since 1983, and has a 10-year ‘once-a-month’ record volunteering at another (more medically oriented) clinic.

Dr. Bluth also has spent one day per week, for the last 10 years, at Primary Childrens Medical Center, both as Spanish interpreter and as an information specialist.

Feel free to call Dr. Bluth personally (801) 900-6261 to learn how he can help you conserve your funds for your mission/s.”