Tips For Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery


Everyone is going to react a little differently to wisdom tooth extraction, because we’re all built a little differently, and because we all react to oral surgery a little differently.

For example, some people may have waited longer than others to have their wisdom teeth removed. This means that those who’ve waited may have wisdom teeth that are more impacted than other people’s.

As a person ages, the roots of wisdom teeth begin to form. Because young people generally don’t have completely formed roots of their wisdom teeth, extraction isn’t very complicated.

“Removal of wisdom teeth at a later age becomes more complicated as the roots have fully developed (may involve the nerve), and the jawbone is denser,” according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS).post wisdom tooth

Although some people are just going to have a tougher removal surgery than others, there are things that everyone can do to make the experience go a little easier.

1.  Have painkillers on hand: Start taking painkillers before the pain sets in. Waiting for the inevitable does you no good. Start with ibuprofen. Avoid aspirin, as this can thin the blood, and lead to more bleeding. Ask your dentist if you may need something stronger, which you might, depending on how impacted your teeth were.

2.  Don’t exercise for about a day: Some people boast that they were back to work the same day. Remember that everyone handles surgery differently, and some will need at least an entire day of rest, or maybe more.

3.  Don’t panic at your bleeding: Chances are, you aren’t bleeding quite as much as you think, since the blood is mixing with large amounts of saliva. Still, change gauze every 30-45 minutes. It may be wise to have purchased extra gauze beforehand, to make sure you have enough. You don’t want to be stuck with napkins and paper towels.

4.   Be careful when brushing: You blood needs time to clot around the extraction site. Even if the pain has subsided, be very careful when sticking a toothbrush in your mouth, or you may lose a lot more blood unnecessarily.


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